Brief of CNTAC

China National Textile And Apparel Council (abbreviated as CNTAC) is a national textile industry organization, and the main members are the textile industry associations, which has legal personality, and other legal entities. It is the comprehensive, Non-profit societies and self-disciplined industry intermediaries, and in order to achieve the common wishes of members in accordance with the CNTAC‘s constitution to activities.

China National Textile And Apparel Council abide by the national constitution, laws and regulations. It is also adhere to the scientific outlook on development, take a new road to industrialization; establish and improve the industry self-discipline mechanism; efforts to safeguard the members and enterprises' legitimate rights and interests; implement national industrial policy and some Functions; actively guide the development of the industry, then services of strive for the members, for enterprises, for the industry and for government. Lastly, it also can to promote the healthy development of China's textile and garment industry, and building the strong country in textile.  

The main tasks of China National Textile And Apparel Council are:

- Research both China and abroad on the current situation and development trend of textile and garment industry, and put forward opinions and suggestions on part of economic technology and legislation.

- To formulate rules and regulations, regulate industry behavior, to establish of industry self-regulatory mechanism to safeguard the interests of the industry.

- Working in the textile industry development strategy and planning, industrial policy and structural adjustment, technological progress, brand building, market development and so on.

- Coordinate the economic and technological relations between the various sectors of the textile industry, promote industrial restructuring and upgrading, and promote horizontal economic cooperation. .

- Management of industry statistics, collect, analyze and publish industry information, statistical surveys base on the law, and carry out e-commerce information activities in industry.

- Organization of foreign trade and economic cooperation and communication.

- Participate in the research and development of textile industry in the long-term scientific and technological development strategy, participate in the formulation, revision of industry standards, and organize the implementation.

- carry out various promotion activities on trade, science and technology, investment, human resources, management and so on.

- edited and published textile and apparel publications.

- Organize and train all kinds of textile professionals.

- Organize the development of public welfare undertakings in the industry.

- Undertake various tasks entrusted by the government and relevant departments 

China National Textile And Apparel Council main work is services for total 12 parts which are cotton textile, wool textile, linen textile, silk, knitting, filament weaving, printing and dyeing, home textiles, industrial textiles, clothing, chemical fiber and textile machinery. Then, comprehensive coordination of member units, and actively carry out services for textile industry.

Base on the streamlined, orderly and efficient principle, China National Textile And Apparel Council has ten departments which are normal office, human resources department (office of Chinese Communist Party,, supervision room), finance department, foreign affairs office (Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office),Industry department, Science and Technology development, Information Statistics department, Planning department and Shanghai Office.


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