Brief of CNTAC

China National Textile and Apparel Council (CNTAC), is a national federation of all textile-related industries, and a nonprofit organization formed on volunteer basis. CNTAC aims to provide the best service to the modernization of China's textile industry.

Scope of Services:

Ø       Work out the guidelines & rules to supervise the performance of the industry, set up & improve the self-discipline working system, and protect the interests of the industry.

Ø       Study and research the development and growing trend of the domestic and international textile industries, and participate in or provide consulting services for the various work in aspects of developing strategy, industrial policy, technological progress & upgrading, market promotion & exploration, reform & opening up of the industry, and bridge the enterprises with the government, make recommendations & reports to the government, and provide information & consulting services for the enterprises.

Ø       Coordinate the economic & technical relations between various sectors of the textile industry to promote the industrial rationalization and re-consolidation, and strengthen the industrial value-chain integration and cooperation.

Ø       Carry out the international technical & economic cooperation and interchanges, conduct international visits, in-service education & training; and organize trade meetings, international conferences, seminars, and domestic and international exhibitions to expand the markets.

Ø       Participate in working out & amending the industrial standards and organize the relevant resources to implement these standards.

Ø       Carry out the various introduction & promotion activities in the various endeavors of trade, science & technology, investments, human resources and management for textile industry.

Ø       Edit and print out various textile publications, hold various courses for professional training, and organize activities & develop this great cause, and undertake the various tasks entrusted by government.


For more information:

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