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Chinese Textiles Take Off in the U.S.

  Industrial Update and Value Added Always a Key

  As Zhang Yankai, vice president of CNTAC addressed, the United States and China have tied closely in trade cooperation for a long period. The bilateral trade is of importance to two countries and their people, and textile trade, as the key sector in the bilateral trade requiring mutual benefit and cooperation to reach a new high, can not be overlooked. Every year, China not only exports vast amount of textiles and apparels to America, but also imports large volume of textile raw materials, advanced technologies and equipments in return. He believed that the enterprises of China and America, by utilizing this professional go-between, will surely achieve a “Two-win” outcome with justice, stability and order.


  The 2011 Fair attracts roughly 323 Chinese textile enterprises from 18 provinces, cities and autonomous regions, an increase of 30 % compared with that of 2010, home textile enterprises in particular. Some Chinese enterprises from west China, like Inner Mongolia, Sichuan, Shanxi, are unwilling to be outdone by regular comers from Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces, bringing their premium products to the table. With more than ten years of development, the Fair has been regarded by Chinese leading manufacturers as the efficient means to explore American lucrative goldmine. Through making in-depth analysis of the information collected during the in-house communication, they are easier to improve their marketing strategy and industrial structure to further meet the needs of American market. Besides Chinese participants, there are also 300 exhibitors from 16 countries and regions, an evidence that the supply chain of textiles is becoming more globalized. 


  In recent years, the costs of raw materials, labor forces and exchange rate have been hiking at an accelerating pace. Under this circumstance, an increasing number of small and medium sized enterprises begin to focus on the tendency and needs of the oversea market by improving the structure and value added of the products as to deal with the volatile outer environment. Meanwhile, as the exhibition is tinctured with more professional features and international horizon, the production of textile industry is inevitably compartmentalized. Some products, due to its relatively low production costs, are being supplanted by the textile makers from neighboring countries and regions. Compartmentation and specialization go hand in hand with the globalization, and every country has his place and role to play in the global network.


  Additionally, the American co-partner makes their effort to invite many apparel designers and business organization representatives to join in the party communicating with exhibitors and helping them to know more about the market trend. In Texworld USA Pavilion, a world-class fashion show provided by Stylesight, a worldly renowned fashion trend company, is available for all exhibitors to join in and promote their own brand and products.


  Experience Makes Perfect

  China Textile and Apparel Trade Fair was firstly launched in the United States in 2000, since when more and more Chinese leading textile enterprises established their marketing networks and some small and medium-sized enterprises also developed their oversea customers. In 2010, by cooperating closely with Messe Frankfurt French subsidiary, CCPIT TEX launched three international trade fairs in one place especially for apparel, fabrics and home textiles, namely New York Apparel Sourcing Show (APP), Texworld USA and Home Textiles Sourcing Expo (HTSE). The pattern of three co-location shows, firstly seen in the U.S., were highly praised and supported by American textile and business counterparts.


  After the transformation, the co-location show, which is in conformity with the needs of market and industry, appears as an efficient one-stop sourcing platform popular with native buyers. It plays important roles in linking the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain as well as straddling a bridge between Chinese textile enterprises and American buyers.


  Professional, globalized as it is, the show offers more value added to the exhibitors as it is enjoying a good reputation abroad. In past decade, the China Textile and Apparel Trade Fair (New York) and Texworld USA have erected their own brand images. The textile magnates, such as Armani, H&M, GAP, ZARA, American Eagle, are regular visitors to the Fair. Last year’s Texworld USA attracted thousands of professional visitors coming from Brazil, Canada, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Korea, Mauritius, Holland, Pakistan, Peru, Turkey, the United States, Chinese Hong Kong and Chinese Taiwan, among which 87% visitors were mainly from the metropolis New York.


  Premium products on-display, stable number of buyers and quality service all guarantee the CTAF to go smoothly in past 11 years. Along with creating the brand exhibition, CCPIT TEX makes best of its advantages, reviewing their experience, and having the exchange of views on the bilateral cooperation. By participating in the overall procedures of inviting exhibitors and buyers, CCPIT TEX has approached to the heart of America and offered great help to Chinese textile enterprises on the way to expand their oversea business. The profound experience of organizing the exhibition abroad has guaranteed the CCPIT TEX an access to the global market and each potential participant as well. They are more qualified and capable of confronting the various challenges.


  Mr. Xu Yingxin, deputy secretary-general of CNTAC and executive vice chairman of CCPIT TEX, expressed: “China is a traditional important textile and apparel manufacturer among the global industrial chain. During recent years, the competitiveness of Chinese textile and apparel products and technology in the international markets sees a markedly improvement. ‘Going-abroad’ is an inevitable trend. Along with the industrial development in China, domestic producers expect to explore the overseas market. The New York Shows, being an international and professional trade platform, could provide and guarantee more opportunities for both Chinese suppliers and international buyers to seek commercial cooperation and communication beneficially and bilaterally.”


  2011 is the beginning year of the “Twelfth Five-year Plan”, also the year seeing China striving to be the textile powerhouse boasting not only quality but also design, brand and style. To establish top-notched brands around the world, to reach the aim of the sustainable development and to nurture more professionals are the lofty goals China is pursuing. It is believed that the New York Fair, with its 11 years’ experience and American buyers’ expectation, will surely be a smash hit at the east coast of the United States.