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  China is a lingerie producing country, but also is a powerful consumption country. In recent years, China’s lingerie market has increased with an annual growth rate of around 20%, which has strongly proved the great potential of this huge market! This year, Shanghai Mode Lingerie will present the brands in a multi-perspective way through two independent brand display areas in the central hall: Private Lingerie & Brands Academy. Private Lingerie will gather the world’s top lingerie brands while Brand Academy will unprecedentedly promote emerging brands development. The selective brands of Brands Academy have their own strength compared with domestic and international counterparts in fashion, creativity, culture and brand management. Shanghai Mode Lingerie is not only a great opportunity for brands to sand out but also for franchise, distributors, investors, regional agency and leading brands looking for new “blood” to discover an exciting platform! Here let us hear the news from delegate exhibitors of Private Lingerie and Brands Academy, and preview some brands trend ahead of Shanghai Mode Lingerie!


  Q: Please brief brand characteristic. What’s the biggest attraction of your brand to women? How to highlight brand style and attract consumers?

   S: SIMONE PERELE was created since 1948 by Madame Pérèle. “Women’s bodies need to be liberated in order to reveal their natural beauty” was the philosophy she followed throughout her career. Today, Madam Pérèle’s children are committed to sustaining this philosophy within the family enterprise, continuing to create lingerie for sensual, elegant and infinitely refined women, whose sociological evolution is closely intertwined with the history of the SIMONE PERELE label itself. Elegance, sensuality, meticulous attention to detail and unparalleled comfort... the reputation of SIMONE PERELE is built on the very qualities that make French Style embraced by women all over the world.

   K: KUNERT is famous for its innovated hosiery products with high added value. For example, the KUNERT EFFECT series presents the Fresh Up collection which refreshes the legs on hot days in summer due incorporated silver ions. It also created other collections such as Warm Up, Chinchillan and Fly&Care, which all have different features. As to HUDSON, the other brand of the Group, it always leads the hosiery fashion! We highlight our KUNERT and HUDSON benefits through Chinese leaflets to serve the POS in China. 

   T: TITI & FIFI brand’s concept is to make lingerie to be a fashionable dress. The product is infused many design feeling elements, such as the printed pure silk that we developed ourselves, pleated shoulder strap and so on, those elements are all deeply favored by office lady. Therefore, we will surely continue strengthening our bold design strengths while insisting the quality and comfort in our next collection.N: NUBRA® USA is specializing in Nubra, also named Silicone Bra, NudeBra in the world. It has become popular in USA since the end of the 1990s and then conquered the world very quickly. In the United States, it was called the third generation of innovative bra. As the representative of the third generation bra, NUBRA®X China will enhance its brand awareness through media exposal targeting office ladies in the 1st and 2nd tier cities of China, who are 25-35 years old and love freedom and fashion. NUBRA®X China will also strengthen its POS to offer Chinese modern women more opportunities to experience this fantastic product.


   Q: Eurovet first time lunched ‘1 EVENT 2 TRADE SHOW’ and reveals now its ambitious new strategy in 2011: Interfilière Shanghai will spread the ‘Interfiliere’ brand worldwide, Shanghai Mode Lingerie will bring brand to a strategic position. Recently, Eurovet presented unprecedentedly the BRANDS ACADEMY which symbolizes hatchery for new talents. As the exhibitor of BRANDS ACADEMY, what’s your opinion to it?

     T: As an exhibitor, we are full of expectations for Brands Academy. It will be a sparkle of the show and it can attract domestic and foreign experts of lingerie, buyers and agents to discuss the lingerie development trends. It can bring us infinite business opportunities and enhance the brand awareness.

   N: Shanghai Mode Lingerie is a platform for manufactures who will present the advanced technology and concept. It’s also a focus pageant for visitor to understand of understand the lingerie development trend and product feature.

   K: KUNERT has decided to show up our new retail shop concepts at the Brands Academy, as we need an open ambience to attract domestic Chinese retailers and area distributors.

   Q: What’s your expectation to participate SML 2011? Most of brands positively seeking agents and partners to develop market, what’s your request for agent?

   S: We believe in complementarities of skills. SIMONE PERELE has built up 63 years of experience in corset and lingerie making. This is one of our main strengths. We would like to find a partner with which we have complementary abilities, in order to have the perfect mix of skills to penetrate China market.

   K: KUNERT is not seeking for agent. We want to expand our existing retail shop network and seeking for more domestic area distributors and shop partners in all regions of China. We support all our area distributor partners via KUNERT China, which is the operationally master distributor in China.

   T: First of all, agents and the company represent the company's brand image as a whole. The agent should have a strong sense of responsibility and team work spirit. The second, they also need to have a certain economy strength and market development capabilities.

   N: The purpose of our participation is to present free and fashionable concept of NUBRA to majority Chinese women through this platform. Agents are our partners, and I believe many hands make light work!

   Q: For the coming show, what kind of the latest products you will bring to us? 

   S: In the spirit of SIMONE PERELE’s philosophy and her seek of perfect fit and comfort, we introduced in Spring & Summer 2011 a new “Aloa-Vera lace” collection which has very good characteristics for skin. In Fall & Winter Collection, we have a line, Caressence, “when lingerie caresses your skin”, which is a stunning combination of handmade effect Aloe-Vera lace and state-of-the-art knit materials – a spacer 3D-, for a sophisticated result, that offers ultimate fit and comfort… 

   K: KUNERT will show all KUNERT EFFECT series, including the latest innovation, which is

  KUNERT Forming – shaping and forming your legs and body. We will also bring all fashion hosiery and socks from KUNERT and HUDSON. 

   T: TITI & FIFI will present the latest 2012 collection, including lingerie, pajamas and home wear etc. Those products will all be showed in a very fashionable way, as a fashion blockbuster!

   N: NUBRA® have the features of no should strap, no elastic, multi-pattern and long-term wear. It will give women freedom together with fashion feeling.

   Q: What do you think of the 2012 trends?

   S: We think there is continuity in the trend: for the past couple of years, trends are going forward more comfort, more respect to the body, without forgetting that a woman wants first of all to be naturally elegant… without compromise.

   K: I think the trend is SHAPING products in lingerie and hosiery.

   T: The ecological and environment protection must be the trends of this industry. We are strictly controlling in the materials and packaging, as far as possible the choice environmental protection material.

   N: After decades of development, the modern bra already has comfort and functionality. In 2012, they will be bringing new breakthrough in environmental protection and freedom, new technology and new patents will continue to apparel.