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"China Textile", the ONLY paper-print English language source published in China, providing the international readers with a true picture of this textile industry where we have been working for decades as industrial representatives.
The editor’s team provides a 64 page monthly publication, giving out information related to a wider range of areas of interests in the whole Chinese textile related industries, containing cotton textile, wool textile, leaf fiber textile, silk textile, man-made fiber industry, home-textile industry, technical textile & non-woven  industry, apparel (knit & woven), textile machinery etc. for trade , industrial highlights, monthly or quarterly economic performance, market trends, new investment, statistics & data analysis, new products, buyer and supplier feeds, regional reports by provinces, hot issues like corporate social responsibility, and intellectual property rights protection, policy & regulations,  fashions, and textile trade fair & conference in China, and so on so forth....

The business consulting team, as the most important promoting arm of China National Textile and Apparel Council, provides market survey and investment study services in China. It holds the rich experience to organize and promote all kinds of business visiting, industrial forum and commercial conference for international business peers.

Official background, professional resource channels, a well-established domestic and international marketing network, set the definite leadership of China Textile as a must-read. It is the best bridge between China Textile and apparel enterprises and abroad, promising international buyers to know manufacturers in China directly.

Target Readers:
  • Overseas textile and garment buyers as well as textile trading companies
  • Textile and apparel related Industrial organizations
  • Overseas textile and apparel firms
  • Business affair department of Chinese embassies at overseas
  • Foreign textile and garment enterprises in China
  • Commerce office of foreign embassies

    Circulation and Publication:
  • Frequency: Monthly
  • Publication date: 15th of each calendar month
  • Issue No. ISSN 1673-1468
  • Price: US$15/ IssueUS$180/Year

    Sections Setting:
  • Updates
  • In Focus
  • Special Reports
  • Investment and Market
  • Who’s Who
  • Industry
  • Exhibition

    Providing fresh news on China’s macro-economy and textile related fields. Brief but informative and functional words draw the outlines of current textile market in China.

    In Focus:
    Current issues related to textile industry get explored in here, from government policies, measures, problems or crisis the industry facing to ongoing investigation cases.

    Investment and Market:
    This column is designed for investors or potential investors; it is aim to provide investigations and evaluations on the environment of investment in China. Based on specific data in real business cases, this section regularly discusses rational resolutions for enterprises to cope with variability of policies and regulations.

    Who’s Who:
    Face-to-face interviews with Chinese and foreign celebrities, important decision makers; successful enterprisers and many more in the textile and garment field. In individual case, it tells you who’s who in doing textile business in China.

    Including reports of investigation and analysis on the industrial and economic performance of individual sectors periodically, monthly updates on national & regional basis and industry situation report as well as impact of major policy on each sector etc.

    Introducing coming exhibitions and fairs in textile industry. It definitely blazes a highway between domestic manufacturers and international purchasers.

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