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Sales of men’s suits was 12.79 million Yuan in August In Beijing

The sales data bases on monthly sales tickets of nearly 20 large-scale shopping malls in Beijing. The sales data covers women’s apparel, men’s suits, men’s shirts, children’s wear, wool sweater, cashmere sweater and leather garments seven categories and nearly 100 clothing brands.

According to Beijing Commercial Information Consultation Center. Total sales of men’s suits in Beijing top 16 mid-to-high range department stores in August 2013 was 12.79 million Yuan. The data was 3.29% lower than that in last month and 17.15% lower than that in the corresponding period of last year. Since the beginning of this year, total sales of men’s suits showed a down trend, and a reduction of 3 shopping malls, total sales of men’s suits declined greatly this month.

Looking further into the sales rank of department stores. Wangfujing department store, Zihexin department store and Shuang’an department store reported the highest comparable sales value of men’s suits. Among them, Wangfujing department store reported a CNY 3.35 million sales value. Looking further into the sales rank of men’s suits brands, Jack & Jones, Goldlion and VICTOR claimed the 1st, 2nd and 3rd rank respectively in men’s suits sales value in August. Among them, Jack & Jones reported a CNY 0.79 million sales value.