Introduction to CTEI and CNTEX


Official website of CNTAC

Core of China Textile Industry Network Alliance

CTEI.GOV.CN is official website of China National Textile & Apparel Council. Commissioned by CNTAC, CNTEX is the operator of CTEI.GOV.CN.As most influential website of Chinese textile and apparel industry, CTEI.GOV.CN is a comprehensive media outlet and the most influential web for original textile news,data and analysis reports. Besides, CTEI.GOV.CN keeps closely cooperation with local governments, local textile clusters and local enterprises.


Leading provider of Marketing services in Chinese Textile and Apparel Industry

Resource and Information center of Chinese Textile and Apparel Industry

Providing overall marketing plans for international enterprises entering Chinese Textile and Apparel Market.  

China Textile Network Co., Ltd. (short as CNTEX) was set up by China National Textile & Apparel Council (CNTAC) and China Textile Information Center at 1997, which is playing a professional role to provide necessary information support for the development of china textile and apparel industry. Now though over 10 years development, CNTEX has become the most influential media and resources center of china textile and apparel industry, which has two print publications: TA Weekly and Home Textile Times, and CTEI.GOV.CN website At mean time, commissioned by CNTAC, CNTEX take charge of two branches of CNTAC including Statistics Center and China Commercial Circulation Association of Textile and Apparel. Thus, CNTEX develops fast both at home and abroad with strongly ability to service comprehensive demands from textile & garment enterprises both in China and abroad.

With the all-out support from CNTAC, CNTEX also gains the support from the specialized associations and organizations, including garments, home textile, industrial textile, printing and dyeing, cotton textile, silk textile, wool textile, linen textile, knitting, color weaving, and textile machinery and equipment, the Sub-Council of Textile Industry under the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT), China Textile International Exchange Center, China Fashion Designers Association, etc.

The major objectives of CNTEX are:
To enable the Chinese national policy of reform and opening-up of the Textile industry in China;
To implement regulations and policies of the PRC relating to the development of Textile industry;
To promote the production of Textile products and the continuous growth of domestic and international trade in line with the principle of developing the market economy in China;
To enhance the economic strength of its members,
To expand the influence of CNTEX throughout Chinese society;
To protect the legal rights and interests of its members and help foster a favourable market environment for the production and operation of the Textile industry.
Leadership and Senior Management Team of CNTEX








Mr.Xia Lingmin 


Mr.Qian Jin 


The major operational tasks of CNTEX are:
To act as an intermediary between CNTAC and Chinese government departments and CNTEX members;
To safeguard the legal rights and interests of its members;
To provide management and technical consultancy services to its members to improve the quality and profitability of their performance.
To reflect accurately the opinions and demands of its members to the CNTAC and the Chinese government;
To co-ordinate the and express member interests;
To help members promote their products;
To eliminate unfair or illegal competition;
To transmit to its members the regulations and policies of the Chinese government;
To assist the government in guiding and coordinating the operation and sales of Textile products as well as providing consultancy and services in this area;
To provide its members with timely and accurate information on the Chinese Textile industry;

To supervise members’ correct implementation of laws and regulations formulated by the Chinese State.


Membership of CTEI

The CTEI offers its members a commercial partnerships service which is truly customised to the needs of the international company.When an international Textile-related company decides that it would like to explore:

  • the potential market for its Textile products in China
  • the potential opportunities for partnership with one or more Chinese Textile companies for sourcing, OEM, technology transfer or licensing, co-marketing, or distribution purposes
  • the level of interest of Chinese companies in acquiring the assets of international company itself, or the assets of some of its subsidiaries, or the IPR of some of its products or processes
  • invite investments from chinese textile enterprises

that international company needs authoritative, professional, Textile sector-specific advice and sustained practical support.