Sun Huai Bin: "The Belt and Road" to bring new opportunities for the domestic textile industry

China's textile industry has a long history with "One Belt And One Road", while "One Belt And One Road" construction has brought new opportunities to the domestic textile industry in the new period.


On 7th September 2017, vice President of Sun Huaibin, which is China National Textile And Apparel Council, the second China international futures (zheng zhou) forum preheating, makes a speech and the theme of "One Belt And One Road" with the development of China's textile industry" There were discusses our country textile industry harvest and the direction of the future under "One Belt And One Road" of the background.


Sun Huaibin said according to the positioning of textile industry in our country, textile is still a traditional pillar industry, textile industry is still irreplaceable in the position in national economy, On the basis of this also increases the positioning of textile industry is an important industry of the people's livelihood.


More importantly, China's textile industry is working towards creating a new dominant industry of international development, with "One Belt And One Road", relying on the advantages of industrial chain and pursuing the gains in the value chain.


In addition, China's textile industry has two new outstanding characteristics, namely, technology and fashion integration, life and industrial use.


"Since 2000, China's textile industry has ushered in a period of golden development. On the one hand, after joining the WTO, the textile industry has benefited the most.


On the other hand, the rapid development of domestic economy has doubled the economic indicators of textile industry.


However, after 2011, the domestic textile industry joined the national economy to enter the new normal of "gear shifting and deceleration", sun said.

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