Brief of CNTAC
China National Textile and Apparel Council,abbreviated as CNTAC,is the national Federation of all textile-realated industries,with the following-listed textile industrial associations and the other economic entities as the registered members,and is a non-profit organization formed on a voluntary basis.
The mission of CNTAC is to abide by the constitution, laws and regulations;adhere to the scientific outlook on development;insist on taking a new road to industrialization;improve the sefl-regulation system of the industry;protect the rithts and interests of members and enterprises;carry out the national industrial policies and the functions authorized and entrusted by the government;actively guide the development of the industry,serve its members,enterprises,the industry and government;and promote the sound development of China's testile and apparel industry.
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CTEI.CN is official website of China National Textile & Apparel Council. Commissioned by CNTAC, CNTEX is the operator of CTEI.CN.
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