The chairman of CNTAC Sun Ruizhe made a special speech at the annual conference of International Textile Manufactures Federation



Sun Ruizhe, who is the chairman of CNTAC


CTEI newsletter 15th September 2017 International Textile Manufactures Federation Annual conference officially opened in Bali, Indonesia. A total of more than 20 textile industry developed countries and regions, nearly 300 industry professionals and business representatives’ attendance.



International Textile Manufactures Federation Vice President, China National Textile And Apparel Council President Sun Ruizhe with China Textile Delegation attended. Then, he published a special report entitled "Innovation and Development of China's Textile Industry" in English.



Sun Ruizhe first introduced the pattern of global textile and apparel trade in recent years, then, through a large number of statistical data to show that China's textile industry has important position in the world. At the same time, the textile industry is also an important force in China's economy.













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