Brief of CNTAC

China National Textile and Apparel Council, abbreviated as CNTAC, is the national Federation of all textile-related industries, with the following-listed textile industrial associations and the other economic entities as the registered members, and is a non-profit organization formed on a voluntary basis.

The mission of CNTAC is to abide by the constitution, laws and regulations; adhere to the scientific outlook on development; insist on taking a new road to industrialization; improve the self-regulation system of the industry; protect the rights and interests of members and enterprises; carry out the national industrial policies and the functions authorized and entrusted by the government; actively guide the development of the industry, serve its members, enterprises, the industry and government; and promote the sound development of China's textile and apparel industry.


   Main tasks of CNTAC:

   Study and research the status quo and development trend of the domestic and international textile industries.

   Participate in and/or provide consulting services and aspects of development strategy, technological progress, and legislation.

   Work out the guidelines and rules to supervise the performance of the industry, set up and improve the self-regulation working system and protect the interest of the industry.

   Carry out industrial development strategies plans and industrial policies to adjust the industrial structure, technological progress, branding, market expansion, etc.

   Coordinate the economic and technical relations between various sectors of the textile industry to promote the industrial rationalization and re-consolidation, and strengthen the industrial value-chain integration and cooperation.

   Collect, analyze and issue industrial information, conduct relevant surveys and develop e-commerce into activities.

   Carry out the international technical and economic cooperation and interchanges.

   Participate in formulating the medium and long-term scientific and technological development strategy, work out and amend the industrial standards, and organize the relevant resources to implement these standards.

   Carry out various introduction and promotion activities in terms of trade, science and technology, investment, human resources and management for the textile industry.

   Edit and print out textile publications.

   Organize professional training programmes.

   Promote public undertakings of the textile industry.

   Undertake tasks entrusted by the government.


CNTAC focuses its cervices on such 12 sectors as cotton, wool, silk, leaf-fiber, knitting, yarn-dyed weaving, dyeing-printing-finishing, home-textile, non-wovens and industrial textile, apparel, chemical fiber, and textile machinery, and encourages the member associations to carry out their own work independently in accordance with the respective rules and regulations. CNTAC also coordinates on a team-work basis the relevant services among the member associations to organize a specialized professional team to serve the entire industry.

In the principle of streamlined staff, orderly process and efficiency, CNTAC is composed of 10 Departments: General Office, Personnel Department, Finance Department, Foreign Affairs Office(also Taiwan, Hong KongMacao Affairs Office)Industry Consulting Department, Marketing Department, Science & Technology Department, Information & Statistics Department, Planning Department, CNTAC Shanghai Office.


Contact: Office of China National Textile And Apparel Council

Address:9 floor,Chaoyang Gate North Street 18th, Chaoyang District, Beijing. China

Tel: (86-10) 85229207/9200/9907/9981

Fax: (86-10) 85229219

E-mail: xhbgs@cntac.org.cn

Website: www.ctei.cn

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